Founded upon the principle that economic and social rights are civil rights and human rights, the Sugar Law Center seeks to empower low-income communities, working people and their families. OUR WORK is multifaceted and includes policy education, advocacy, litigation and technical and resource support to organizers, grass roots organizations, worker committees, concerned individuals and many others working for economic and social justice for all.For more information on our ongoing initiatives click HERE!

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COMMUNITY BENEFITS BUILD STRONG COMMUNITIES - Watch VIDEO interviews from community members and others discussing the importance of Community Benefits Agreements for all communities.


We at the Sugar Law Center are proud to announce that after years of fighting on behalf of victims, a settlement was entered in federal court in the Sugar Law Center’s challenge to Michigan's unconstitutional "robo-fraud" unemployment insurance system. The settlement will impact tens of thousands of unemployment insurance claimants throughout the state and effectively ends the “robo-fraud” system. Highlights of the settlement can be found here A great piece in the Metro Times give background on the problems with the state unemployment insurance system.


Overcoming strong opposition from industry lobbyists, the Detroit City Council approved an ordinance preventing the open air storage of carbonaceous materials, such as petroleum coke and metallurgical coke.  The ordinance will prevent the open air storage of these and other potentially harmful materials that companies had been seeking to store on a large scale in southwest Detroit.  The ordinance will regulate the storage and transportation of these materials and reduce dust from these sources in neighborhoods of the city.  In 2015, the Sugar Law Center filed a lawsuit to prevent the open air storage of coke products, but withdrew the case when the city refused to issue a permit and introduced this ordinance with the support of a majority of council members. News coverage of the ordinance can be found here.


SELF-HELP RESOURCES FOR LOW-WAGE WORKERS are now available ONLINE for low-wage workers and others on wage and pay issues! These resources were developed by a coalition of Michigan Legal Help, the Sugar Law Center and other organizations and volunteers.

These resources were made possible through the generous support of the Michigan State Bar Foundation