Millions of people around the country suffer “wage theft”.  Wage theft takes many forms and can include: not being paid at required minimum wage, prevailing wage, or living wage rates, not being paid for all ours work, having illegal deductions for equipment or uniforms taken from their paycheck, not being paid overtime for hours over 40 in a week, being forced to work off the clock, or not getting paid a last paycheck. Other problems include  being classified as a “independent contractor”  or being classified as a salaried employee to avoid federal and state wage laws.

Intern working on survey of wage issues experienced by temp. workers.

Many temporary work agencies (also known as staffing companies) make illegal deductions from wages for badges, tools or rides. Time one is required to spend waiting at a temp agency in order to get a job for the day may also qualify as work time.  Employer theft of wages is especially common in the farming, food processing, restaurants, clothes manufacturing, long-term care and retail industries.

The Sugar Law Center works on a range of issues related to wage justice, including and employer’s failure to pay:

  • Minimum Wage
  • Overtime Pay
  • Deductions and Fees Charged to Workers
  • Living Wage
  • Prevailing Wage
  • Paycheck Issues
  • And other forms of Wage Theft.

Over the years, Sugar Law has filed claims and provided support to various workers across many industries.  We file claims on behalf of low wage, temp. agency, and immigrant workers who were not paid minimum wages,  prevailing wages, and living wages and who were not paid for overtime hours, did not receive paychecks,  had improper deductions taken out, and were required to work off-the-clock.  Our office also educates community groups, provides support to protestors, and advocates for policy change with government officials on wage issues.  In short, we work to ensure that workers receive their wages and we will employ both creative strategies towards this end.

Sugar Law can help if you have not been paid correctly.  If you think that your employer may be in violation of wage laws, to contact us or give us a call at (313) 993-4505 and see if we might be able to help.  Please note that we are not, and should not be viewed as, your attorneys in any matter for which you contact our offices or in any legal proceedings until we formally agree to represent you.