Founded on the principle that economic and social rights are human rights, the Sugar Law Center seeks to achieve broad systemic change by undertaking litigation, engaging in policy education and advocacy, and providing direct support to persons and groups acting on their behalf.

For almost 20 years, Sugar Law Center has worked from our home in Detroit to advance the rights of working people and communities throughout the U.S. We’ve stood with people in Hazelwood, Missouri, fighting against corporate tax giveaways and prevailed on important environmental justice victories in our home state. We’ve won court victories for laid-off workers throughout the country, including Wisconsin, Tennessee and Texas. We’ve counseled Wal-Mart “associates” in Florida, Utah, Oregon, New Hampshire, and beyond. We’ve advised Congress and state legislators in numerous states on strengthening protections for workers.

Our work is multifaceted and includes:

These areas broadly describe our work, however, within the limits of our resources, we seek to be engaged  wherever folks suffer a violation of their economic and social rights and where people are seeking support in their struggle against injustice.  If you have suffered a violation of your rights or are involved in such a struggle, please do not hesitate to contact us or give us a call at (313) 993-4505 to see if our office might be able to support your efforts.  Please note that we are not, and should not be viewed as, your attorneys in any matter for which you contact our offices or in any legal proceedings until we formally agree to represent you.