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Community Benefits 2.0: Statewide Convening-May 11!!!

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Founded upon the principle that economic and social rights are civil rights and human rights, the Sugar Law Center seeks to empower low-income communities, working people and their families. OUR WORK is multifaceted and includes policy education, advocacy, litigation and technical and resource support to organizers, grass roots organizations, worker committees, concerned individuals and many others working for economic and social justice for all.For more information on our ongoing initiatives click HERE!

Thank you for stopping by our site.  If there is an issue within your community or at your workplace where we might be able to help, please do not hesitate to CONTACT the Sugar Law Center or our STAFF!


We at the Sugar Law Center are proud to announce that after years of fighting on behalf of victims, a settlement was entered in federal court in the Sugar Law Center’s challenge to Michigan's unconstitutional "robo-fraud" unemployment insurance system. The settlement will impact tens of thousands of unemployment insurance claimants throughout the state and effectively ends the “robo-fraud” system. Highlights of the settlement can be found here A great piece in the Metro Times give background on the problems with the state unemployment insurance system.


After 22 years of struggle, the Sugar Law Center received news of a great environmental justice victory. Throughout, we have had the privilege of representing the St. Francis Prayer Center and Father Phil Schmitter whose perseverance and dedication to justice for folks in Flint was finally rewarded with a finding of discrimination by the EPA's Office of Civil Rights against the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. The finding is only the second finding of discrimination ever made by that office. The EPA's finding came as the result of a lawsuit filed by a coalition put together by outstanding attorneys at EarthJustice with whom we and the Prayer Center have been working. The text of the findings can be found here.


SELF-HELP RESOURCES FOR LOW-WAGE WORKERS are now available ONLINE for low-wage workers and others on wage and pay issues! These resources were developed by a coalition of Michigan Legal Help, the Sugar Law Center and other organizations and volunteers.

These resources were made possible through the generous support of the Michigan State Bar Foundation


COMMUNITY BENEFITS BUILD STRONG COMMUNITIES - Watch VIDEO interviews from community members and others discussing the importance of Community Benefits Agreements for all communities.

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The Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice is a national, nonprofit organization, dedicated to protecting and advancing the rights of working people and their communities. Driving Sugar Law’s work is the principle that civil, economic and social rights are inseparable from human rights.

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The Sugar Law Center is proud to be affiliated with the National Lawyers Guild, and to conduct all its work under contract with UAW Local 2320.

Michigan attorneys, you can meet your State Bar pro bono commitment with a donation to the Sugar Law Center. Our can donate through Access to Justice online, or simply designate "This gift is for Sugar Law Center Operations" on the form you received from the Bar. Thank you!


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