Michigan citizens file suit challenging unconstitutional Emergency Manager law

Citizens from across Michigan filed suit Wednesday June 22, 2011 challenging the constitutionality of Michigan Public Act 4. Sugar Law is representing these dedicated individuals along with several other top attorneys. Learn more about the lawsuit at www.democracyemergency.org.

According to plaintiff, Kym Spring from Grand Rapids, “The emergency manager law is a shameless power grab by Lansing politicians and their cronies who want to take away the will of the people. The only people who benefit from this dangerous law are those who want to wage vendettas against their political enemies so they can pursue their own narrow political agendas, not the needs of the people. Michigan deserves leaders who can come together to fix our problems. Instead, we have an unconstitutional law that takes away people’s rights and local decision-making.”

Michiganders are taking on this controversial emergency manager law, and they need your support. Click to take action or donate now.

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